Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carrots 'N' Hummus

My new favorite snack would have to be carrots dipped in Hummus. Oh, so good! Hummus may scare you because it sounds like a funky health food, but don't run away so quickly! Meza Traditional Hummus, my favorite kind, is made with garbonzo beans, roasted sesame, lemon, and garlic. It can be found at Costco. It comes in a big tub so you'll have plenty to go around. Someday I'll attempt to make my own hummus, but for now this is a fabulous substitute!
This snack goes perfectly with a recipe I posted a while back. Fish for the Greek Gods. I love love love the feel of fresh, clean, healthy mediterranean cooking! If you haven't tried it yet, please do! It's to die for. Tilapia is a very very mild fish so even if you don't like fish, you might like this dish! I made it again tonight, because my grandpa came over for dinner and my dad hadn't tried it yet. Big hit! Except my dad adds lots of salt to everything... Which explains his really low blood pressure?

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