Tuesday, July 6, 2010

America the Beautiful

Everyone has a holiday that they anticipate much more than others. Christmas? Thanksgiving? Halloween? Easter? Mine is definitely INDEPENDENCE DAY! This day always brings back so many memories of past traditions with my family.
This was a special year, since the 4th was on a Sunday. I loved celebrating it all weekend!

Saturday July 3:

My family and I went to the Stadium of Fire where Carrie Underwood rocked it! She's super classy, beautiful, NORMAL, and seems happily engaged to a professional Canadian hockey player:) The fireworks were Amazing! An all around fun night out.

Sunday July 4:
The beautiful weather called for a cook out. My mom and dad spent all day preparing these bad boys. You have to boil, bake, and grill these ribs, so they are very time consuming. Carnivores beware....

And, of course, the All-American dinner calls for fries! My sister and I made these baked steak fries. I'll share recipes later on. And next time I make them, I think I'll try sweet potatoes. More Vitamin A and more flavor! Yummm...
Jessica, my sister, made this cute red and blue Jell-O. Be sure to visit Just Sew Darn Cute for the recipe!
Kiersten, my sister-in-law, made this flag cake for dessert. Greatest frosting ever. My guilty pleasure was for sure licking the plate.... Here is a tutorial for a similar cake from Make it and Love it
The perfect patriotic plate, ready for devouring, put together by my brother, Jason. Man that boy can eat!
Mama, Jason, Kiersten, and Dallin
Grandpa Horton
Janelle aka My Mama
Addie didn't take very many naps, as you can see...
Jace spent his time by the toys, with woody, his BFF.

Monday July 5:
Started the day off with a good race. The freedom run is held annually in Provo. We all finished, but Dallin took 1st in his age division! Congrats Dal!
The parade + not too hot + my family = :)
Free hot dogs!
My beautiful friend Ashlee was cheering for Blaze in the parade.
Swimming at the Scera. Everything is better with SUNSHINE!
Another successful memory made.

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  1. I stole a bunch of your pictures! These are awesome. Thanks sis!