Friday, July 2, 2010

Space deserves...

Space is priceless.. If you have the space, put it to work. Make it pretty. Give it birth. Let it live to it's fullest ability and potential. No need to waste a good room. Someday when I have a home,maybe I'll be lucky enough to give it the character it deserves. I'm dreaming of this...

A kitchen that makes cooking feel vintage and exquisite.
A distressed dining table to ease the formality with this gorgeous table runner. (I might have to try and make this before I actually have a table to put it on)
Wood floors in every room. Carpet loses on this vote.
Wallpaper for the season.
Random chairs everywhere. Who knows when you might need to take a little bum break?
A chandelier above my bed. Light flowing in from every corner.
My children will be spoiled whether they like it or not. But, you better believe they will know how to clean a room to the fullest.
And the thought of ending a hard day in this very spot, with people I love, makes everything worth dreaming about.

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  1. I saw that little cottage... and WAS dying. so pretty!