Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plant. Water. Weed

Plant. Water. Weed. Plant. Water. Weed; the life of a gardener
As old fashioned as it sounds, I love to garden.
In my younger years, my mother planted a little seed inside of me. The seed of TLC for plants. In the backyard, we grew everything from corn to rhubarb.
I was raised on the fruits of my labors. Literally.
Keeping up on a garden got harder when my mom got a job, us kids got busy with school, and to tell the truth, we all just got downright lazy!
This year, my dear mama and I wanted to start again. We planted a few of our favorites.
This little guy will need some extra attention. Hang in there!
In order to prepare the soil and land so we could plant properly, we had to remove a few dead and, sadly, some living shrubbery. I don't like to waste good branches, so I put them to use!
I've been wanting to make this vase for a while. Inspired by rufflesandstuff.blogspot.com.
This week it finally came together because, magically, all the supplies fell into my lap.
It was meant to be!


  1. I love it! turned out great, I put you on my blog!

  2. ohhh nata-tat! i lover this so much! what a great idea!