Monday, June 7, 2010

Cinnamon Heals

I believe that Cinnamon is a little stick of heaven.
In all it's glory, it adds sass and flavor to anything from spaghetti to fruit.
Since I'm a Reader's Digest junky, I was reading up on some of their new articles.
Recently published, 10 Healing Herbs and Spices was right up my alley and Cinnamon happened to be the highlight of the article. Let me share with you the benefits of this little guy!
10 Healing Herbs and Spices
Cinnamon on toast or oatmeal is so tasty it's hard to believe the brown powder has any health benefits at all, but it's actually one of the most powerful healing spices. It's become most famous for its ability to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes. Some of its natural compounds improve insulin function, significantly lowering blood sugar with as little as 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon a day. The same amount could cut triglycerides and total cholesterol levels by 12 to 30 percent. The apple pie spice can even help prevent blood clots, making it especially heart smart.

Like many other spices, cinnamon has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It's been shown to conquer E. coli, among other types of bacteria. Researchers have even discovered recently that it's rich in antioxidants called polyphenols — another reason it's good for your heart. It's also high in fiber (after all, it comes from the bark of a tree) and can reduce heartburn in some people.

To read about the other natural heal ailments in the goodness of nature:

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